The California Protea Association (CPA) is a membership-based organization that works to improve and develop cultivars and promotes the marketing of Protea. It was formed to assist its members to learn more about how to successfully make Protea flowers a more important part of California floriculture.

The California Protea Association is not a retailer or shipper of Protea, but works to assist those who cultivate, sell and purchase California Protea flowers.

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Protea flowers for those who want the exotic and unusual for those very special occasions. Proteas will outshine and outlast any other flowers by a wide margin. If you care enough to buy the best, ask your Florist for California Protea.


The Proteaceae are an ancient family, probably one of the oldest groups of flowering plants. Scientific probes into the early history of plant life have shown that the ancestors of today’s Protea were present 300 million years ago. Proteaceae are best represented in South Africa along the south and south western coastal mountain ranges. The other sub-family is located along the south and south western coastal areas of Australia.
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Did you know that Protea are Water-Wise?