Drought Gardening – Beyond Natives

There is a big push to replace lawns with cactus gardens or even rock gardens. That’s a good thing in this time of terrible drought, but what about those who want a landscape with something more colorful, more glamorous? Enter Protea – the rare and exotic flower that is also water wise. Once established Protea plants need very little water, and boy do they make the landscaspe pop.

We’ve all heard the mantra “Grow California native plants,” and with good reason. They require less irrigation, can withstand tough conditions and generally don’t require much maintenance — all good traits for gardeners facing diminishing water supplies, global warming and hectic schedules that don’t permit hour upon hour of pruning and pampering.

But what about gardeners who can’t get themselves to adopt the California-native approach? Who just don’t like the look of these plants?

There is another way. Instead of fighting nature, we can try just going with it, facing the fact that our climate is NOT like the English countryside, and it’s NOT like a tropical island. It’s more like South Africa, like southwest Australia, like the Mediterranean.

Read more in Debra Prinzing’s Article: Beyond Natives.


Professional Landscapers Recommend Protea

Many of today’s landscapers are combining Protea with succulents and natives for a more colorful high-end appeal.

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